The Power of Love and Prayer

It has been a rough last 24 hours in the Wessley household. There have not been any catastrophic events. There have not been any major fights or issues. Nothing new or different in our household really. It has been one of those times where we have all been so strong for so long that eventually the pain and the struggles comes out.

Having two daughters makes for a pretty emotional household at times. I am sure my husband would definitely agree to that one! The girls and I are really not moody people… but we are females. One minute you want one thing while the next you want something different. Or suddenly you stopped liking the food you used to eat daily and why didn’t your husband (or dad) read your mind and know you did not like that food any longer?! Lol. We are females and females can be confusing!

My husband and I recently finished reading “The Purpose Driven Life”. I highly highly recommend everyone read this book.

Because it was such an incredible book we decided to read it aloud with our daughters. At the end of each chapter there is a bible verse and a question. While answering the question, our oldest daughter Britney began tearing up. She went on about how much she is motivated by her sister. Her sister battles Cystic Fibrosis and watching what she goes through on a daily basis makes Britney push through whatever she is faced with. It melted my heart to hear her talk about her sister in that way. She was expressing her LOVE for her sister. It also was another example of how when one family member struggles, it is really a family struggle.

I spent a large amount of time in our prayer room after that moment. I spent time reading the Bible, praying, crying, and just sitting in silence. There is so much power in quietness and in scripture. It is amazing when you just sit in your thoughts how calming it can be. The below picture is our prayer room. It is our spare bedroom’s closet. It is now completely filled with pieces of paper with prayers written on them. It is a powerful room.

Our youngest daughter, Natalie, who battles Cystic Fibrosis, had five temporary caps placed on her teeth after shattering those teeth in a horrific car accident we were in almost three years ago. One cap had fallen off yesterday evening and I was hoping she could be seen by her dentist and a new cap would be placed today. I called as soon as they opened and they were able to squeeze her in! The appointment lasted about one hour and then we were good to go. On the way to pick her up some lunch before she headed back to school I suddenly noticed how quiet she became. She was crying.

“I just want to have normal teeth. Why did this ever have to happen?”

My heart broke for her. Day in and day out this girl has so much to do in order to just keep functioning. Her disease is time consuming and it is stressful. The thought of her having added stress just kills me.

“Sweetheart, your teeth are beautiful. I understand it is not fair and I hate that you have to go through this.”

I then told her about a prayer I started saying a few weeks ago…


Please help me accept the things

that I cannot change.

I said that prayer to her, put my hand on her leg, and told her I loved her. Within seconds she was smiling and excitedly telling me a story about school.

I realize it appears that I always have my shit together but let me be transparent with you… I do not. Sure I do most of the time, but not always. Almost every day this past week I have teared up and/or flat out cried. Even the strongest of people break down and cry. It’s us strong ones that don’t stay in the tears. We pick ourselves back up and carry on with our lives feeling extremely blessed.

No, I am not depressed. I am passionate. I am passionate about so many things in this life. I cried when I heard the story about the Florida shooting because those who are affected are my brothers and sisters in Christ. I cried because there is so much evil in this world and I am so sad that not everyone has a deep relationship with the Lord. I cried because our 12 year daughter should not have to go through everything she goes through. I cried watching our 15 year old cry about how her sister motivates her. I cried out to GOD telling him “I know you see me Lord! I know you hear me! I am so grateful knowing you are never leaving my side!” My tears are an expression of love. I have so much love for GOD, my family, and for people.

The power of love and prayer are amazing. Showing and expressing to someone how much you love them can do incredible things. I hope as you are reading this you are thinking of ways you can do better at showing love to those who mean the most to you.

This life can be difficult. It can be down right mean. Love and prayer are what helps us get through those difficult times. Love and prayer.. such simple things that go such a long way.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. I have been through a lot in my 36 years. I enjoy sharing my story as I hope it can be of some help and/or some inspiration to you.


Fear is a Liar

I am not good enough

I am ugly

I am all alone

I am not worthy

Nobody loves me

I am not capable of doing this

I know I will fail

There is nothing special about me

Do any of the above statements ring a bell? Is the voice inside of your head telling you these awful things? If the answer is yes or if the answer has ever been yes, then you have been a victim of fear. And fears are a bunch of LIES! Lies? YES, Lies!

FEAR: Forget Everything And Run???


FEAR: Face Everything And Rise???

Which sounds better to you?

I experience fear every darn day. Doesn’t sound exciting or peaceful, does it?! The majority of my fears come when I sit behind the wheel of a car or when I am riding in a car. It worries me. Some days it petrifies me. I am scared “I’m not capable of doing this”. LIES!

The devil wants us to fear. The devil wants us to not trust in the Lord. If I just sat down in the car and told myself “God has this car ride in his hands. God, I pray for safe travels and if something does happen, then I am happy to know you will be with me and I will be okay”.

Back in 2015 I was in a horrific car accident. Did GOD see me through my entire recovery? Absolutely. So why fear?

Fear for me is my way of trying to prevent something from occurring. “Okay Stacy, I never ever want to be in a wheelchair again, so let me sit here hands clinched, sweaty palms, and scared while driving and that is going to change if a car is going to hit me or not.” NOT is right. It is these very moments that I want to smack myself right upside the head and yell “STOP THE FEAR!”

Fear is all in our mind. It is a waste of time and energy. Is fearing something going to change the outcome? No. Fear robs us of our happiness and takes away from our care free spirit.

Every single moment of every single day we have a choice. We can rise or we can fear.

If we hold onto GOD by faith, we have no reason to fear.

Do not doubt.

Do not be anxious.

Do not worry.

Do not fear.

Fear is a liar.

You are good enough.

You are loved.

You can achieve anything.

And you are worthy.



I get asked frequently what my biggest fear of removing my breast implants was. It is an extremely simple answer…. the physical aftermath.

Call me vain. Tell me I am hyper-focused on my looks. I get it, but I am being honest. I was petrified not only for my own self confidence but what was my husband going to think? I could handle deflategate, but could he?…..

From the moment I mentioned breast implant illness to my husband he said “take them out”. Now, of course he had one hundred questions prior to saying those words, but after our initial conversation ended he was certain that they needed to go. We were both scared. Was this really the culprit to my health issues? What if I took them out and did not feel any better? What was the aftermath going to be?ย 

Change is a serious thing. Rarely do we like change. The unknown is just so scary. Fortunately for me, I was so ill that the change was not at the forefront of my mind. After I got to Ohio I was nothing but eager to remove those toxic bags that the aftermath did not even cross my mind. I began worrying less about what I was going to look like and began focusing on what was important… my health. The below pic was of me right after landing in Ohio. I was ready to go. That swollen face though ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. Health. That is something that the majority of us take for granted. We go about our day to day life not thinking about how great our health is, right?! I was the epitome of health. I ate right. I exercised. I took care of myself. I was in great health… or so I thought. My illness crept up on me. It was not overnight. It did not happen in one year. It happened over a period of years.

After removing my breast implants it took a couple of months for the swelling to settle down. It took a few more months for the breasts to “fluff” and the tissues to settle. It was a long process and I tried to stay optimistic. Between wearing a compression bra, limited use of my upper body, opening up doors with my feet (in what my husband refers to as my sexy pants ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚-see the pic below), and then rubbing scar cream on my scars day and night I knew it was all going to be worth it, but that did not necessarily make it an easy journey.

I trusted God. I trusted my gut. I was not going to let some breast implants get me down. I had let this illness take over my personality for long enough. It was time to get back to me.

Tom Brady and the Patriots may have had to pay the price for their involvement in Deflategate, but I did not. I have no evidence of any deflation. I thank God for a great amount of breast tissue.

I want to leave you all with this….

31 women who I know that have removed their breast implants after hearing my story.

Over 31,000 women who are on a private Facebook page because they have been or think they may be affected by breast implant illness.

Those numbers are astonishing. If you are worried about your health please reach out to me! Do not be embarrassed. And please do not think I am going to say “how stupid are you?! get those implants out now!” I will never be one who stands outside a plastic surgeons office protesting breast implants. I am only sharing my experience to help those who are suffering and just do not understand why and to help educate others before they decide it is a good idea to put printer ink, lead based, acetone implant shells in their body. I would love to help you!


January Emotions

I am an emotional being. I do not think I have always been this way. I think it is is a combination of motherhood, raising a child with a terminal chronic illness, and traumatic experiences that have caused me to be so darn emotional.

January is a big month for our family. It is the month of my fathers, my husbands, and both of my daughters births. It is back to school after the long holiday break month. It is a very busy, chaotic month for me, but an extremely exciting one as well.

January brings a lot of emotions for me. January 20th, 2006 our youngest daughter was born. At the time of her birth we thought she was a healthy beautiful baby girl. In May 2006 we learned that although still very beautiful, she was not healthy. She was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis.

Natalie will be 12 years old in less than one week. Not every child with Cystic Fibrosis has made it to age 12…. bring on the flood gates ๐Ÿ˜ช๐Ÿ˜ช. This is one of the reasons why I am an emotional mess this month. I feel extremely blessed to have my daughter with me for another year. Some families with loved ones who are fighting against CF are not that lucky. Not too long ago I read a story about an 11 year old dying of CF. I remember years ago reading about an 8 year old with CF who passed away. Words cannot express fully how passionate I feel about finding a cure for CF and about being compliant with daily treatments and medications. Words also cannot express how grateful I am to GOD for allowing me to be apart of Natalie’s life and for all the time he has already allowed me to share with her.

Reason number 2 that January brings me so many tears is because of the miracle GOD graciously provided us with. 2.5 years ago we were told that Natalie may not survive a car accident we were in. GOD performed a miracle that day and during her special birthday month it hits me hard. I am taken back to that scary time period and remember all that our strong, brave girl has had to endure. It is much more than many people have to endure during an entire lifetime… and she is not quite 12 years old.

This makes me want to buy her everything possible for her birthday, but she rarely ever wants anything. This makes me want to freeze time, but we cannot. This makes me want to snuggle and cuddle both of my children 24/7, but they just do not get this and likely think I am crazy when I tell them I love them every time I see them even when I just told them 5 minutes ago.

During this month, all of the hustle and bustle we go through on a daily basis gets pushed aside and I really just take it all in. We are so blessed, so very very blessed.

January emotions… it is not a bad thing. In fact I believe it is a wonderful thing. When is it ever a bad thing to think about and cry about how blessed you are? Never. Today I ask you to focus on your blessings and thank GOD for all he has done in your life because we all are blessed and we all should be grateful.



Remember the line from the Simpsons…… “Doh”?!

I really felt like Homer Simpson for a good while after getting my breast implants removed.

Doh! Why did it NEVER occur to me that my chronic neck pain could be related to those two big bags resting inside of my chest?? DOH!!!

It has been over one year since I took the big, scary step to remove my breast implants. One entire year with ZERO neck pain. Okay, so minus the time we recently went to Mexico and played sand volleyball for hours on end. I do not like to lose at anything, so that means I was diving all over the place. Let’s just say my neck, my back, and really my entire body did not really feel the greatest the following days… but that was a different kind of pain, so that does not count!

This is basically me– – – this was basically me ๐Ÿ˜

My neck pain began somewhere between 2008-2010. My implants were placed in 2006 after I had my youngest daughter. My neck pain would come and go throughout the days and months. There was no rhyme or reason and hardly anything would work at improving the pain. I was placed on rescue migraine medicine and NSAID’s. I have never been one who liked to take medications so I rarely took either of them. At times though the pain was so debilitating that I broke down and took the migraine meds. They did help, but I did not like they way they made me feel. I stopped taking those probably 5-6 years ago.


had CT scans and MRI’s. I underwent a spinal epidural to help with the pain and that did really help for a few months and then BAM it came back again. We chalked the neck pain up as being related to some minor fender benders I had in early adulthood, a skidoo accident, and playing soccer as a child. I was told to avoid high impact activities (yea right!), rollercoasters, and alcohol to help prevent exacerbations of the neck pain.

The pain was so bad at times that over time I began getting a minimum of one deep tissue massage per month. On top of that my husband had to beat the shit out of my neck on a regular basis in order for me to simply function. Seriously, he would get a work out by massaging my neck with such might and force. I am forever grateful he was so selfless in doing this and he is forever grateful that those implants are out and he doesn’t have to get a second workout in each and every day. LOL!

I bought “the stick” a few years back and wow that sure helped! If you like to massage out tense areas or knots you need to purchase one of these. They’re awesome!

a hard time believing that I was not able to put 2 and 2 together.

Was I in denial? Could be.

Was I uneducated. Absolutely.

Was my physician uneducated. Absolutely.

Was breast implant illness talked about back then? Other than the rare silicone poisoning, it was not something I knew even existed.

When I met with my breast implant explant surgeon back in December of 2016 we talked about my neck pain in depth. Adding the extra weight to the front of your chest can cause neck pain but more importantly it was more about the nerves my implants were resting on that caused the issue. So no matter the amount of massages, the medication, the acupuncture etc. (yes, I tried it all) it was not going to resolve the pain. It was just a bandaid. It was not addressing the root cause of my problem.

DOH! Removing my implants at an earlier date would have saved me so many years of suffering from the neck pain. I cannot turn back the clock so all I can do it live, learn, and educate others. If you're experiencing unexplained neck pain and have implants please do the math. Life is too short to live in pain.


One Year And Zero Regretsย 

It was almost one year ago that I underwent surgery to remove my breast implants.

One year ago I was having a difficult time getting out of bed in the morning and staying awake past 8pm. One year ago I would have dizzy episodes that came out of nowhere. One year ago I had sudden slurred speech and was hospitalized and discharged with no answers. One year ago I was having horrible neck pain and headaches. One year ago I was having such bad brain fog that I could not even complete a simple to-do list in a timely manner. This was all one year ago. I somehow forced myself to be as active as I could be for my family, but I was struggling and looking back I believe it was written all over my face.

It was a petrifying decision to remove my breast implants but it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It took me many of months to come to that decision. I did not want to believe that those implants were causing so much disaster inside of my body. I had them for almost one decade so surely it was not the implants, right?! WRONG!

The thing with breast implant illness is that symptoms are very subtle and begin very slowly until BAM…. you end up where I ended up. Sick. Very sick.

I have received endless amounts of compliments about the following things since I removed my implants…

  • WOW your skin is glowing
  • You look so young and full of life
  • Your energy is back
  • Your natural breasts fit your body so much better
  • Your hair looks so much fuller
  • You look healthier
  • And so many more….

I have also received endless amounts of compliments from my husband as well but we will keep those to ourselves ๐Ÿ˜. In all seriousness my poor husband for years had to massage my neck with every ounce of energy he had because my neck hurt so bad. He would pound my neck as hard as he could because no amount of pressure would take that neck pain away. That neck pain that I suffered from for YEARS never returned after the implants were removed.


Compliments are great obviously but what is most important is how I feel. It is truly a night and day difference. Unfortunately I am dealing with some hormonal issues that are preventing me from feeling completely normal. We know implants are endocrine disrupters but I am not sure how much to blame on the implants verse genetics. I am 36 years old and have premature ovarian failure (peri-menopause) and recently began bio-identical hormones to help these imbalances. This will just take time for the remainder of my symptoms to resolve.

I am happy to say that my cortisol AKA the “stress” hormones are finally back to where they need to be. It took me about 8 months to get those where they needed to be post-operatively. Breast implants cause internal stress on your body. They are foreign objects and DUH your body does not like anything foreign!

If I knew what I know now back when I was 25 years old I would not have gotten breast implants. My purpose now is to help shed light on implants and how they can destroy ones health.

If you have implants and have any symptoms please do not just ignore the fact that it could be implant related because you are scared of the aftermath. The aftermath is glorious!!!

If you are considering breast implants I strongly urge you to reach out to me or do your own research.



Leaky what?!!ย 

Leaky Gut. This is what I was diagnosed with back in August 2016. Leaky what??? I was a Registered Nurse and then got my masters degree to become a Nurse Practitioner and I had never ever heard of such a thing! Leaky gut?? 

The Naturopath I was working with at the time did not spend much time explaining to me what this new diagnosis was. I was told to stay away from my food sensitivities for 3 months and that was basically it. So….. Research Freak to the rescue!!! 

Research Freak!

I researched to figure out what exactly this was and what all I needed to do in order to get this resolved. I have always been the type of person who is willing to do whatever is needed in order to resolve an issue. 

Leaky gut, or “intestinal permeability,” is a condition in which the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged, causing undigested food particles, toxic waste products, and bacteria to “leak” through the intestines and flood the blood stream. Doesn’t sound very good, right?! 

The causes of leaky gut include long term oral contraceptive pill, chronic NSAID use, gluten, excess sugar and alcohol intake, and toxins (breast implants as one example). 

The symptoms of leaky gut include bloating, poor immune system, diarrhea and/or constipation, gas, brain fog, memory issues, skin issues, headaches, excessive fatigue, and nutritional deficiencies. Once you have Leaky Gut Syndrome then you become easily susceptible to candida overgrowth, bacterial infections, and other GI disorders. 

The only thing my Naturopath told me to do regarding my Leaky Gut was to stay away from my food sensitivies, but what I learned was it was much more complex. It was no wonder why after 3 months of staying away from those “bad for me” foods that my gut symptoms did not resolve and in fact I continued to decline. 

In order to heal your gut you must first Remove all inflammatory and harmful foods to your body. You then need to Replenish with healing foods. Examples are bone broth, organic meats, vegetables, and coconut oil. You then need to Repair with supplements. Supplements include Glutamine, Probiotics, Collagen, and possibly digestive enzymes. And then lastly you need Rebalance with Probiotics. 

This process of healing your gut can take years so be patient. I saw ZERO improvement with my Leaky Gut until I removed my breast implants. Breast implants can cause mold, fungus, and bacterial issues within your entire body. I am so happy to share that here I am 9 months post op and my gut issues are about 80-90% resolved! And my food sensitivies are completely gone. My gut has improved more with me enjoying pizza, tacos, ice cream with my implants out than with my implants in and me being on the most strict diet EVER!!! Anyone who dined out with me during that time frame knows exactly what I mean! “Um…. I will order the salad and hold everything other than the lettuce and make sure you put olive oil on the side.” Yes, can you imagine the looks I received from the wait staff. It was miserable but I prevailed! 

YUM Cold Stone!
Hi I’m Stacy and I’m a Pizza Addict
So happy. I have come so far in this journey and cannot wait to reach the finish line!
Leaky what? Leaky Gut. I hope this blog has educated you if you are experiencing any gut issues. Please advise a physician; particularly a naturopath if you are experiencing issues and think you may also be dealing with Leaky Gut. Contact me with any questions! I am here to help. 


Beautiful Scarsย 

I have scars. Both physical, mental, and emotional scars. Those will never go away. We all have scars, don’t we? Scars last a lifetime. 

You know what else we all have?… the big man up above. He is with us before the scars, during the scar formation, and for the lifetime of living with the scars. This blog post is not about my breast implant illness scars. Technically you could include those scars in what I am referring to, but those are not the scars I am really talking about. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock and prevent the scar from even occurring. I am sure as you are reading this you are thinking of a time in your life that you wish you could re-do. We all have those times. We are all human and as humans we are sinners. We hurt those that we love and we get hurt from the ones we love the most. 

Scars shape who you are. They mold you. After you are scarred you are no longer the same person you once were. 

Is that a bad thing? It certainly does not have to be AND I am telling you that no matter what has caused your scar you should not let that turn you into a bitter, angry, or resentful person. 

We are all children of GOD. Don’t we owe it to him to act like it even during our toughest days? I am far from perfect. I have given plenty of scars to others and I too live with scars that will never fade. 

This has been heavy on my heart and I wanted to share with you.

Scars are beautiful. Embrace your scars. Love hard. Have no fear. 

Giving All of the Glory to GODย 

It has been 2 1/2 years since our very publicized car accident. To this day we continue to encounter strangers who come up to us asking how we are doing. I do not talk about that day and the aftermath much anymore, but I wanted to update those of you who were interested. 


Britney is our emotional mother hen child. She does not talk much about the accident these days, but when it does get brought up the tears begin to flow. Because she was the least injured she is able to recall the events much more clear than Natalie and myself. She is now 14 years old and is driving with an adult. She is an extremely cautious driver but has no trouble getting behind the wheel. I think the accident has taught her to help a stranger when in need, never take life for granted, and that one should always be cautious behind the wheel. She is a very defensive driver, which I tend to like. She has also seen first hand how great our GOD is! 

Britney now
My brave daughter who ran in the streets yelling for help

Natalie is now 11 years old. She is our less emotional child who is more matter-of-fact. She does not remeber the impact much other than hearing me scream, however, she does recall her 2 week hospital stay quite well. When she talks about it she always talks about her “tubes”. She had multiple drains from her abdominal surgery as well as a nasogastric tube. She despised those things and hopes that nobody would ever have to go through what she went through. Her faith is stronger than ever. She is the most wise child I have ever met and has more faith in GOD’s timing and GOD’s plan than I can even begin to explain. 

Natalie has 5 permanent teeth capped and will eventually need veneers. When these were first placed she cried and cried about how her smile had forever changed. This made me sob as well. Since the initial change she has rarely spoken of her smile. It is more beautiful than ever and that smile melts my heart each and every day. 

Natalie now
My sweet strong baby girl


I am doing pretty well. I go through periods of back, elbow, and ankle discomfort. I am sure that is just something I will continue to deal with. I continue to feel very blessed that 4 broken bones was the extent of my injuries because it could have been much worse. 

When I drive I tend to hug the right side. When we were hit, the car came from my front left and I guess I am just fearful that I will get hit head on again. I do not like driving in the dark or the rain and snow. I do it every now and then and try to pretend it does not brother me so the girls don’t get worried. I remember after almost 3 months of me not driving I had to take my daughter to her CF appointment in KC. The drive there was a piece of cake, but on the way back it down poured the entire 3 hours we were on the road. I was holding on to that steering wheel as tight as I could and had to secretly wipe my tears without my girls seeing. I was petrified. I just cannot imagine going through what we had gone through again and it scares me. 

I prefer driving over being a passenger, and I prefer my small car over our SUV. Sounds strange, right?! I think it is a control thing. I feel as if I have more control over our smaller car then I do in a bigger car. I get flashbacks from time to time while driving and tear up. That is something that will likely never go away. 

I have not been able to get rid of the clothes we were wearing on that day. I am sure that is the most weird thing you have heard all day and I would agree. It is weird. With that being said I am going to take each article of clothing out of the bag one by one and throw it away right now. Why am I holding on to these clothes? I truly have no idea. Ok… LIES!! I cannot throw these clothes away quite yet. I get them out from time to time and just remember what we went through that day and the following months. 

The scars remain and they will for a life time. We are all very fortunate to be alive and well. We give ALL of the glory to GOD. We have met some incredible people and cannot thank everyone enough for the prayers, their time, their love, and their support. 

My second night back home after hospitalization. Pain med delirious. No shower. Keeping that smile and sending my Natalie a nightly pic.
Me now

I want to end with this…

GOD is miraculous. GOD is amazing. I do not know how people recover from traumas without the big man above. He is the one who never leaves my side. He is the one who never fails me. I long to make him proud. 

If you don’t know GOD and you want to know him please reach out to me. I am in a bible study, a new women’s group, attend church regularly, and have grown so strong and deep in my faith. I would love for you to experience the true joy of Christ. 

Our faith got us through


To Regret or Not Regret…ย 

This is something I really have not talked about. Do I regret getting my breast implants in the first place? That is really a complicated question to answer so here it is… 

Reasons I do regret implant surgery: 

1. The obvious…. I got sick and because I now know all that I know about the risks of breast implants of course I regret ever having them done. Having a chemical filled foreign object in my body did a number on me. The symptoms began mild and slowly and I had no idea they were breast implant related. I wish I could go back 11 years and decide that I did not need them.  I have reflected a lot on what I was thinking 11 years ago and have realized it is a waste of time to do so. Can I change the decision I made 11 years ago? No. So why dwell on the reasons why? 

2. We have paid thousands of dollars and for what??? A pair of boobs, really Stacy?! My initial implant surgery was around $4,500 I believe. My second surgery (9 years later) was around $5,000 for the silicone implants. Less than 1 year later my explant surgery with a breast lift was $15,000. So you do the math….. major regret. 

3. It is SURGERY! Why do we put our bodies through hours of surgery and then weeks and weeks of recovery? I remember after my first surgery not being able to go to the gym, to pick up my daughter, to run etc. All of these restrictions over a pair of boobs that you will have to replace and replace and replace again. And what about the restriction of clothing?! You are so swollen and have to wear a sports bra that you are stuck in sweat pants and oversized sweatshirts. I know that’s a dream wardrobe for some of you women, but it is not for me! ๐Ÿ˜‚

1 week after my 2nd implant insertion surgery. Sweatpants and sweatshirts each day for weeks

4. The FDA has now linked breast cancer to breast implants! Reason enough for me NOT to get those toxic bags placed into my body. I am lucky enough to have removed mine before something like cancer could plague me! 

Reasons why regret is something I am trying not to do: 

1. I know that regretting this decision is not going to do anything other than make me stress. Who needs another added mental stress when we have the daily stress of life! 

2. If I had never gone through this journey is it possible that other women would still be experiencing these horrible unknown symptoms and not know why?! Sharing my story has provided awareness like I never imagined. Women with implants, women who know women with implants, women with daughters… the list goes on for the types of women who have reached out to me wanting more information about this illness. 

3. Romans 8:28  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”. GOD has my back. No matter the harm that comes my way I will be just fine…. so why worry, why regret? 

To regret or not regret…. I choose to NOT regret. If my story has helped even one person than my purpose has been served. I personally know of 7 women who have had their implants removed after hearing my story. That number does not include the hundreds who have removed their implants that I do not know personally. 

No regrets of the initial surgery and more importantly NO REGRETS to have those implants REMOVED once and for all! I am all smiles about getting them out!