Remember the line from the Simpsons…… “Doh”?!

I really felt like Homer Simpson for a good while after getting my breast implants removed.

Doh! Why did it NEVER occur to me that my chronic neck pain could be related to those two big bags resting inside of my chest?? DOH!!!

It has been over one year since I took the big, scary step to remove my breast implants. One entire year with ZERO neck pain. Okay, so minus the time we recently went to Mexico and played sand volleyball for hours on end. I do not like to lose at anything, so that means I was diving all over the place. Let’s just say my neck, my back, and really my entire body did not really feel the greatest the following days… but that was a different kind of pain, so that does not count!

This is basically me– – – this was basically me 😝

My neck pain began somewhere between 2008-2010. My implants were placed in 2006 after I had my youngest daughter. My neck pain would come and go throughout the days and months. There was no rhyme or reason and hardly anything would work at improving the pain. I was placed on rescue migraine medicine and NSAID’s. I have never been one who liked to take medications so I rarely took either of them. At times though the pain was so debilitating that I broke down and took the migraine meds. They did help, but I did not like they way they made me feel. I stopped taking those probably 5-6 years ago.


had CT scans and MRI’s. I underwent a spinal epidural to help with the pain and that did really help for a few months and then BAM it came back again. We chalked the neck pain up as being related to some minor fender benders I had in early adulthood, a skidoo accident, and playing soccer as a child. I was told to avoid high impact activities (yea right!), rollercoasters, and alcohol to help prevent exacerbations of the neck pain.

The pain was so bad at times that over time I began getting a minimum of one deep tissue massage per month. On top of that my husband had to beat the shit out of my neck on a regular basis in order for me to simply function. Seriously, he would get a work out by massaging my neck with such might and force. I am forever grateful he was so selfless in doing this and he is forever grateful that those implants are out and he doesn’t have to get a second workout in each and every day. LOL!

I bought “the stick” a few years back and wow that sure helped! If you like to massage out tense areas or knots you need to purchase one of these. They’re awesome!

a hard time believing that I was not able to put 2 and 2 together.

Was I in denial? Could be.

Was I uneducated. Absolutely.

Was my physician uneducated. Absolutely.

Was breast implant illness talked about back then? Other than the rare silicone poisoning, it was not something I knew even existed.

When I met with my breast implant explant surgeon back in December of 2016 we talked about my neck pain in depth. Adding the extra weight to the front of your chest can cause neck pain but more importantly it was more about the nerves my implants were resting on that caused the issue. So no matter the amount of massages, the medication, the acupuncture etc. (yes, I tried it all) it was not going to resolve the pain. It was just a bandaid. It was not addressing the root cause of my problem.

DOH! Removing my implants at an earlier date would have saved me so many years of suffering from the neck pain. I cannot turn back the clock so all I can do it live, learn, and educate others. If you're experiencing unexplained neck pain and have implants please do the math. Life is too short to live in pain.


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