Giving All of the Glory to GOD 

It has been 2 1/2 years since our very publicized car accident. To this day we continue to encounter strangers who come up to us asking how we are doing. I do not talk about that day and the aftermath much anymore, but I wanted to update those of you who were interested. 


Britney is our emotional mother hen child. She does not talk much about the accident these days, but when it does get brought up the tears begin to flow. Because she was the least injured she is able to recall the events much more clear than Natalie and myself. She is now 14 years old and is driving with an adult. She is an extremely cautious driver but has no trouble getting behind the wheel. I think the accident has taught her to help a stranger when in need, never take life for granted, and that one should always be cautious behind the wheel. She is a very defensive driver, which I tend to like. She has also seen first hand how great our GOD is! 

Britney now
My brave daughter who ran in the streets yelling for help

Natalie is now 11 years old. She is our less emotional child who is more matter-of-fact. She does not remeber the impact much other than hearing me scream, however, she does recall her 2 week hospital stay quite well. When she talks about it she always talks about her “tubes”. She had multiple drains from her abdominal surgery as well as a nasogastric tube. She despised those things and hopes that nobody would ever have to go through what she went through. Her faith is stronger than ever. She is the most wise child I have ever met and has more faith in GOD’s timing and GOD’s plan than I can even begin to explain. 

Natalie has 5 permanent teeth capped and will eventually need veneers. When these were first placed she cried and cried about how her smile had forever changed. This made me sob as well. Since the initial change she has rarely spoken of her smile. It is more beautiful than ever and that smile melts my heart each and every day. 

Natalie now
My sweet strong baby girl


I am doing pretty well. I go through periods of back, elbow, and ankle discomfort. I am sure that is just something I will continue to deal with. I continue to feel very blessed that 4 broken bones was the extent of my injuries because it could have been much worse. 

When I drive I tend to hug the right side. When we were hit, the car came from my front left and I guess I am just fearful that I will get hit head on again. I do not like driving in the dark or the rain and snow. I do it every now and then and try to pretend it does not brother me so the girls don’t get worried. I remember after almost 3 months of me not driving I had to take my daughter to her CF appointment in KC. The drive there was a piece of cake, but on the way back it down poured the entire 3 hours we were on the road. I was holding on to that steering wheel as tight as I could and had to secretly wipe my tears without my girls seeing. I was petrified. I just cannot imagine going through what we had gone through again and it scares me. 

I prefer driving over being a passenger, and I prefer my small car over our SUV. Sounds strange, right?! I think it is a control thing. I feel as if I have more control over our smaller car then I do in a bigger car. I get flashbacks from time to time while driving and tear up. That is something that will likely never go away. 

I have not been able to get rid of the clothes we were wearing on that day. I am sure that is the most weird thing you have heard all day and I would agree. It is weird. With that being said I am going to take each article of clothing out of the bag one by one and throw it away right now. Why am I holding on to these clothes? I truly have no idea. Ok… LIES!! I cannot throw these clothes away quite yet. I get them out from time to time and just remember what we went through that day and the following months. 

The scars remain and they will for a life time. We are all very fortunate to be alive and well. We give ALL of the glory to GOD. We have met some incredible people and cannot thank everyone enough for the prayers, their time, their love, and their support. 

My second night back home after hospitalization. Pain med delirious. No shower. Keeping that smile and sending my Natalie a nightly pic.
Me now

I want to end with this…

GOD is miraculous. GOD is amazing. I do not know how people recover from traumas without the big man above. He is the one who never leaves my side. He is the one who never fails me. I long to make him proud. 

If you don’t know GOD and you want to know him please reach out to me. I am in a bible study, a new women’s group, attend church regularly, and have grown so strong and deep in my faith. I would love for you to experience the true joy of Christ. 

Our faith got us through


3 thoughts on “Giving All of the Glory to GOD 

  1. This brought tears to my eyes! I was behind you the day it happened, I was taking Bella to tumbling at the NW Y, I was not close enough I could help but was close enough to see how bad it was and knew to start praying. I continued to pray for Natalie, I kept thinking to myself… Britney cannot lose her little sister, I was so happy when I heard she was getting better!

    I’m not very vocal about my Faith, its hard for me, I don’t have a church home, walking into a big church by myself with the two kids terrifies me! I admire how easy it is for you to talk about it!


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