To Regret or Not Regret… 

This is something I really have not talked about. Do I regret getting my breast implants in the first place? That is really a complicated question to answer so here it is… 

Reasons I do regret implant surgery: 

1. The obvious…. I got sick and because I now know all that I know about the risks of breast implants of course I regret ever having them done. Having a chemical filled foreign object in my body did a number on me. The symptoms began mild and slowly and I had no idea they were breast implant related. I wish I could go back 11 years and decide that I did not need them.  I have reflected a lot on what I was thinking 11 years ago and have realized it is a waste of time to do so. Can I change the decision I made 11 years ago? No. So why dwell on the reasons why? 

2. We have paid thousands of dollars and for what??? A pair of boobs, really Stacy?! My initial implant surgery was around $4,500 I believe. My second surgery (9 years later) was around $5,000 for the silicone implants. Less than 1 year later my explant surgery with a breast lift was $15,000. So you do the math….. major regret. 

3. It is SURGERY! Why do we put our bodies through hours of surgery and then weeks and weeks of recovery? I remember after my first surgery not being able to go to the gym, to pick up my daughter, to run etc. All of these restrictions over a pair of boobs that you will have to replace and replace and replace again. And what about the restriction of clothing?! You are so swollen and have to wear a sports bra that you are stuck in sweat pants and oversized sweatshirts. I know that’s a dream wardrobe for some of you women, but it is not for me! 😂

1 week after my 2nd implant insertion surgery. Sweatpants and sweatshirts each day for weeks

4. The FDA has now linked breast cancer to breast implants! Reason enough for me NOT to get those toxic bags placed into my body. I am lucky enough to have removed mine before something like cancer could plague me! 

Reasons why regret is something I am trying not to do: 

1. I know that regretting this decision is not going to do anything other than make me stress. Who needs another added mental stress when we have the daily stress of life! 

2. If I had never gone through this journey is it possible that other women would still be experiencing these horrible unknown symptoms and not know why?! Sharing my story has provided awareness like I never imagined. Women with implants, women who know women with implants, women with daughters… the list goes on for the types of women who have reached out to me wanting more information about this illness. 

3. Romans 8:28  “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose”. GOD has my back. No matter the harm that comes my way I will be just fine…. so why worry, why regret? 

To regret or not regret…. I choose to NOT regret. If my story has helped even one person than my purpose has been served. I personally know of 7 women who have had their implants removed after hearing my story. That number does not include the hundreds who have removed their implants that I do not know personally. 

No regrets of the initial surgery and more importantly NO REGRETS to have those implants REMOVED once and for all! I am all smiles about getting them out! 


One thought on “To Regret or Not Regret… 

  1. I like reading your work. BUT, there is SO MUCH more beauty in you AND your family than a pair of boobs, even ‘perfect’ or larger boobs, hahaha.
    The kind of beauty you CAN share.
    I did wonder how far that money spent would have grown in a retirement fund though. I listen to Dave Ramsey too. Have great day, I know you will.


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