Breast Implant Illness 

I have had an outpouring of women ask me about my journey with breast implant illness. I wanted to repost my original Facebook post here on my blog so people could refer back to this for information. 

December 21, 2016 

…….Tomorrow I am flying to Cleveland, Ohio for my pre-op appointment with the top breast implant explant surgeon in the world. Surgery is on the 23rd. Why the heck am I doing this you may ask?. Keep reading….

For 14 months now something has been off with me. I have seen doctor after doctor that tells me “well, a few abnormal labs but otherwise you look good”. I wasn’t “good”. I didn’t feel well. And why were these labs abnormal? I was tired and had this horrible brain fog. But as a mother and a wife I pushed through it. Then I got sick, sick again, and sick again. Something wasn’t right with my body. I tried to get my body fitness competition ready and it wasn’t responding the way it did the year prior nor the way it should. 

That next month, March of 2016 I decided to switch my almost 10 year old saline breast implants out to the newer FDA approved silicone gel implants. Little did I know my body was already showing signs of rejecting my saline implants and putting the silicone ones in just worsened my reaction. 

I recovered from surgery like a boss, but I still didn’t feel well. I started developing these debilitating headaches, body aches, my hair was thinning, random swelling of multiple areas on the body, and the brain fog worsened. I decided to see a naturopath, who diagnosed me with hypothyroidism (low T3, which is NOT primary hypothyroidism btw), estrogen dominance, low progesterone, multiple food sensitivities (chicken, cinnamon, dairy, grains, turkey… the list goes on), and multiple vitamin deficiencies (Extremely weird as healthy as I eat). Finally-Answers! No wonder I did not feel well! I was on the road to recovery, right?! 

Over 4 months of cutting out all of those foods, pretty much only eating meats and veggies and all organic, gluten free, dairy free (BORING yes but I was going to feel better, right?! #determined) I still did not feel well. “But you look so great Stacy” is all I kept hearing.
I started researching more on breast implant illness. Anyone who knows me well knows I am a research freak and I get very obsessive about topics I want to learn more on……. hey knowledge is power! This illness had been in the back of my mind for several months. I had heard about Crystal Heffner’s implant poisoning in the past. I initially didn’t think this was possible. Denial maybe? “I’ve had implants since I was 25 years old. It just couldn’t be. Why would I have issues years later?” is what I kept telling myself.

Now, after thorough research and talking to sooo many women around the country with similar issues I am certain this is what is going on. 

I called multiple surgeons nationwide and decided on the Feng clinic in Ohio. The earliest surgery date they had open was not until June. I decided to schedule as this surgeon is the best in the world and my gut feeling was this surgeon is the one for me. I want the best and want to have this specific surgery done properly (there is much more involved then just removing the implants). I wasn’t thrilled with waiting 6 months with as bad as I have been feeling. Persistently my husband calls the clinic in attempt to get me in sooner. He finally got through and persuaded them to get me in on Dec 23rd. After hearing my story she gave me the cancellation they had just received that morning-despite the hundreds of women who have been waiting longer than I have. We were hoping with me being on the cancellation list that maybe I would get in around March. But December?! 

Coincidence or a sign it’s meant to be?…. Adam gets me in 6 months sooner (and not having to miss the girls sports functions but yes I’m missing Christmas) AND there is a Whole Foods right by the surgery center and my hotel?! I’m a huge Whole Foods fan and what better way to heal than to fuel your body with the most nutritious foods?! 
Some of my family and friends have questioned my openness on this subject. Yes, I know some will say “well she chose to get the implants”, and they would be correct. I did. No denying that. I have one purpose as to why I share my story…. if I can help even one person realize their breast implants are slowly poisoning them or prevent one woman from getting implants then goal achieved. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more about this or to know the full list of my symptoms. 
I have zero regrets. If I knew what I know now back when I was 25 years old of course I would have not gotten breast implants. But I did not. 

This is the best Christmas gift I could have ever dreamed of. So…. the next time you all see me I will look quite different and in time will feel quite differently! 
My breast implants never defined me. Just as they don’t define anyone. 
**Feel free to share this post to reach more women.** ALL implants shells are made of the same chemicals-no matter what is inside of them. Mine are still intact. No leak. No rupture. Breast implants can be a huge endocrine, hormonal, and immune system disruptor. They are made up of over 40 chemicals and over time my body has said it’s had enough of it. 
I am the strongest woman I know and I have zero doubt that this is just another mild hurdle in my amazing life. 

Cheers to smaller perky ta-ta’s and great health!


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