Moms Are The Best. Breast Explant Surgery Part 1.

My mother and I flew into Cleveland, Ohio on the morning of Thursday, December 22, 2016. I suggested that my husband stay at home with our girls as Christmas was just a few days away and I wanted to keep some sort of normalcy over the holidays. This was a difficult decision for our family as we did not want to split up over Christmas. Many tears were shed, but we all knew that I needed to have this surgery done. This was the first time I had ever been to Ohio. It was cold and snowy, and beautiful with lots of trees.

Waving hi to my friends after I was surprised with that gorgeous floral arrangement
Let me just say I am a dork. I am a dorky wife, a dorky mother and friend, and clearly a dorky daughter. I am dorky and I would not have it any other way. It is fun to be a dork!

My pre-op appointment was shortly after we landed so we quickly checked into our hotel and shuttled over to the one and only Feng Clinic. I had heard so much about how delicious the Feng Foods were, so we grabbed a bite before we headed up to the 3rd floor to meet Dr Feng.  

Our lunch. Kale salad. So yummy!

My pre-op appointment consisted of giving blood, going over pre-surgery instructions with the nurse, and then meeting and talking to Dr. Feng. While waiting in the lobby we encountered a gentleman who was waiting for his wife. His wife was in her sixties and had her breast implants removed 6 months ago per Dr Feng, and was there for a post-op visit. The man told us how sick his wife was. She was bedridden and in a wheelchair for over 2 years. She had declined so rapidly and nobody could figure out why. They had came across BII and they decided she needed to get her implants removed. His wife later came out into the lobby…. she was not what we had pictured. She was fit. She was vibrant. She was smiling and full of life. Her health issues resolved after surgery. It did not happen overnight, but within 6 months she was a completely different person. 

It was now time for my pre-op appointment. The entire appointment was three hours long. I believe I spent about two of those hours with Dr. Feng herself. Her office looked as if it should be in Beverly Hills. Very nice decor, cozy plush chairs, and just an overall classy ambiance. She started off asking why I had came to see her. She asked me question, after question, after question about my life with implants. She was extremely thorough and wrote down the majority of what we were discussing. She asked me about each and every symptom I had been suffering from. She told me when I wake up from surgery I would immediately be breathing easier and I should notice a decrease in any neck and shoulder pain I was having. 

It was then time for my exam and some pre-op photographs. We did not leave her office to go into an exam room. She whipped her measuring tape and a surgical marker out of a drawer and told me to take my shirt off. She had big lights and a huge camera as if I was going to be posing for a photo shoot. So I struck a pose! LOL-kidding….kinda 🙂 

Dr. Feng is a perfectionist so of course she would have the best lighting possible. There I am standing up topless in her office with these bright lights on me… YES I got a bit nervous at that point. She begins measuring me and then tells me what breast size I should be after the implants are removed. A C cup?! SCORE!! She then asked me to flex my chest muscles… “he did not repair your chest muscle” is what she said. I knew it!!!!! When I had seen my local plastic surgeon to see if my breast implants were ruptured I had mentioned how when I flexed I had a mild indentation on the inside of the right breast. This was not something I had with my prior implants, so it was a bit concerning. My surgeon told me it was “an anatomical issue” and not to worry about it. I had left that appointment thinking it was very odd because this was new with this set of implants, but I went on about my life not thinking much more about it. TRUST. We TRUST what experts tell us. I am too damn trusting apparently. 

Dr. Feng got to know me pretty well in the 2 hours we spent together. She took a picture of me and my mom so she could put in my file so she could always place a face with the name. She called me “comical” a couple of times as well :). 

Left: CEO of the Feng Clinic, Linda. Right: Dr Feng. Photo taken from The Lu-Jean Feng Instagram account

Dr Feng then finished off the conversation with a question I had not expected a doctor to ask me… “Stacy, how is this affecting you mentally? Are you mentally prepared for a huge change?”. I knew the answer to this question because I had thought about it quite often. Yes, I was going from DD’s now down to a C cup, but I was not worried one bit. “I am ready and am absolutely prepared” was my response. There was no doubt in my mind. I was just in awe that she would even ask such a question. A lot of physicians do the bare minimum to get the job done, but not Dr. Feng. Surgery was scheduled for the next day. 1pm. 

The Feng Clinic

We ran by the pharmacy to fill my prescriptions… Xanax, Celebrex, and Keflex. Not one single narcotic. Yup, I was a bit nervous. I’m potentially having my chest wall and ribs scraped and no narcotics?? I knew deep down I could handle anything thrown my way. I did have Tylenol with me as well as some Lortabs I brought from home just in case–LOL! (I did not end up needing them by the way) 

I was scared to take the Xanax as I am super sensitive to all medications and did not want any adverse effects. Dr. Feng really wanted me to take it to help me sleep as my body would need the rest. My mother poured herself a glass of wine to help her sleep so I decided YOLO and took the Xanax…. I slept like a baby. It was a glorious sleep. 

Moms are the best. Here this lady sacrificed her entire week, was away from her husband on Christmas (maybe she should be thanking me-joking Dad!), and was a care giver all week long. I don’t know what I would do without my mom. 
Stay tuned for my surgery day post….


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