I cannot believe this was inside of my chest!

My breast implants and the capsules
Over the past 16 months there have been several things that have surprised me.

 *Being diagnosed with food allergies

*Being told I have a thyroid disorder

*Being told I have high cholesterol

*Not being able to think and speak in an organized manner 

*Being hospitalized for slurred speech and being discharged with no found cause

*Having every test in the book ran and still being told over and over “we are unsure what is causing your symptoms”

With all that I have endured, I am actually surprised that I was in total shock and even disbelief when my surgical photos were recently mailed to me. WOW!!! This was inside of me!??? I cannot believe that this was inside of my chest! 

To give you all a background on what is going on with me… I am suffering from Breast Implant Illness. I had breast implants from 2006 up until I decided to take the plunge and get them removed on December 23, 2016. It was a decision that was extremely difficult to make. I did not want to have surgery and I certainly did not want to give up the size and the fullness that implants provide. We all get implants for different reasons. My reasoning was simply that I wanted larger, fuller breasts. I decided my health was more important than my implants. I could not handle not feeling like myself any longer. 

On December 23rd, 2016 I underwent bilateral breast implant and capsule removal via the en bloc method. In the weeks to come I will educate you all on exactly what this means and  more on the before and after of this surgery. I am now 5 weeks post surgery, feeling well, and just received my medical records.

The photos are graphic I know, but this is real life. This is my life! Seeing these photos just once again confirm to me that I made the right decision. The red beefy tissue (yes, it looks like beef–you were thinking it, so I can say it) is what is called the capsule. Your body forms a capsule as a protective measure in response to a foreign object AKA my breast implants. The thickness of this tissue tells me how badly my body did not like my implants. 

Interesting info with my implants… my implants were Allergan silicone gel implants. Both pre-filled implants are placed into the body. The same amount of silicone gel is in each implant pre-made. According to my MRI and my surgeon who removed my implants there were no leaks or ruptures. So, then why did one weigh less than the other?……..Yes that’s right.. one weighed less than the other!!

My two hypothesis are…

1. A silicone gel bleed out of the implant, which is known to happen.

2. The shell of the implant was already breaking down (these implants were only 9 months old).

This is very interesting as these are FDA approved and are supposed to not cause any health issues, right?! WRONG!!!

Current mood: surprised, angry, optimistic about my complete healing, and beyond happy with my decision! I prayed endless prayers to be led in the right direction and here I am. GOD is so good!

I am going to wrap up my first blog with this:

Sometimes we are given tribulations for the greater good. I am here to tell you that my suffering has already brought awareness to others who needed it. Women are realizing that breast implants CAN and DO cause problems. It is not a matter of if your implants will cause problems, it is a matter of when will they start causing problems, as breast implants cause endocrine and immune system dysfunction leading to a wide range of symptoms. Our health is way more important than a pair of fake breasts. If you are suffering from what you may think is breast implant illness please reach out to me! Ask me questions! Continue to read my blog!

My next blog will be more about the person I am today and why I am who I am. This will allow you as the reader to get to know me a bit more.


5 thoughts on “I cannot believe this was inside of my chest!

  1. I just showed my tween daughter and told her NEVER get implants, EVER! I said, “this is what they should look like, and this is what hers looked like, and it was slowly poisoning her body.” Her reply, “so gross, thats scary! I will stay on the I.B.T.C. mom, no worries!” -my job is done! Thank you for sharing that!


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